Welcome to Grove Station JC

We believe in food that is rich in flavor & healthy.

The Cornerstones of Grove Station JC


We, of course, strive to deliver our patrons a culinary experience that will stay with them well after their meal. Our dishes are continually developed and refined until we feel they meet our high standard!


The team at Grove Station feels like great food shouldn't mean unhealthy food, so we have developed ways to make your favorite dishes that still retain valuable vitamins and nutrients with less grease.

Customer Service

Every patron that walks into our bar should feel like they are treated with respect, a friendly attitude, and like they are our family. We will always uphold this value because we love and appreciate the support we have gotten from Jersey City.


We're a sports bar after all! We always strive to make sure the atmosphere is top notch and always leaves you wanting to come back. Whether it be through sports games, events, or just making you feel at home, we want you to be comfortable!