Welcome to Jersey City, New Jersey!

Welcome to Jersey City, New Jersey!

To those who might not live in Jersey City, or around the New York/New Jersey area, you might not even be aware of Jersey City. And thats ok! Around here, there are so many iconic destinations and sites it is relatively easy to get so wrapped up in other things that you fail to appreciate the smaller things. That’s not to say Jersey City is small however, much to the contrary.

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You see, Jersey City is actually the second most populous city in New Jersey, just behind Newark. In the 1930’s the population of Jersey City was booming, coming in well over 300,000 residents in the census. This was due largely to the transportation and manufacturing industries that New York and New Jersey participated in. With the development of technology that affected the way people manufacture goods and transport those goods however, the population in Jersey City saw a steep decline.

Much of the city was preserved, but by the 1980’s the population count hit a low point. Jobs were becoming more scarce and thus less people were migrating to the area in search of their “American Dream”. Jersey City doesn’t go down easy though; since the 1980’s, Jersey City has rebounded quite nicely. The population count began to rise and Jersey City became a hub for finance and banking, commonly being referred to as “Wall Street West”. 

The influx of people from the finance industry boom and for the appreciation of the well-preserved architecture became the heart of Jersey City – the residents. We at Grove Station JC LOVE Jersey City; we love the beautiful, rustic styling of the buildings, and the grit and determination of the residents, the loyalty and teamwork that resides in the undertones of the city.

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